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KXT11-A2 1K Firmware for the SBC-11/21


I have made the KXT11-A2 firmware for the SBC-11/21 Falcon single board computer available in source code and binary format. A ZIP file can be downloaded at the link below. It contains a MACRO-11 source file, the MACRO-11 listing, a new PDF listing, and binary images of the two ROMs. The source files were recreated from the listing in Appendix D of the Digital SBC-11/21 Single-Board Computer User’s Guide.

The files are provided “as-is”. No guarantees or warranties are made regarding the accuracy of any of the contents. The files included are copyrighted by their respective authors.

KXT11-A2 ZIP file

The new source file was assembled on a simulated PDP-11/03, running RT-11 V4.00C, then tested on an M8063-BA (Revision D) module. The functions that were tested and are known to work are as follows:

Items that were not tested are as follows:

Building the ROM Image

The process of building the ROM image involves assembling, linking, converting the output from the linker into a raw binary image, then finally splitting the image into high and low byte ROM images.

The steps are provided below. Comments are shown in red text. User input is shown in bold text.


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